SoCal Starter Pack to Surviving Quarantine

Has sitting inside got you down? Is the sun calling your name when you wish it were your crush? Here are 7 must-haves in your SoCal starter pack to survive COVID-19.


Before you consider anything else on this list, spend some time gathering masks, scarves, bandanas of all kinds to keep your face protected. The most simple thing you need to staying calm is to breathe in clean air.


Now, first things first, get a visor that keeps your forehead cool while you are looking for the next hot runner to fly by. Why it is better than a ball-cap: a visor will keep hair fly-aways smooth and your hair perfectly blowing in the wind.


Next, buy comfortable walking shoes, and you will quickly count the steps to a snatched summer body. The trick is to pick socks that match in color to keep everyone staring at how good your face looks wearing your new visor.


Now, sunscreen is the most important product to apply when preparing to leave your quarantined house. Reward yourself by choosing favorite brands that are ALWAYS reef-safe to keep your skin youthful and clear of UVA-UVB damage.

Fanny Packs

Fanny pack is back and ready to make your hands-free walk one to remember when you are taking a million pictures of everything you missed when sitting inside.


Eye protection is next in your shopping cart so make sure the sunglasses you buy are polarized if you want to see and be seen. You can improve your mood with THE accessory you love to have 24/7 so get several styles to rotate shade colors.

Water Pack

Stay hydrated! A reusable water bottle will keep you focused and eco-friendly. A great hack is to pick a water bag with straw that you can slip into your fanny pack for hands-free fun.

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