My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Movie Review

During spring break 2016, I went to visit my Grandma who lives in New York City and surprised her by taking her out to the movies to see, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. Leading up to this visit I had heard a lot of reviews. Mostly from my Grandma’s best friend, Peggy who said it was adorable, she enjoyed it, and I should go see it. Grandma and I have spent a lot of time together watching Turner Classic Movies and share the same movie taste. We had both previously had seen the first one when it went to DVD, but the last time my Grandma had been to the movies was to see Miss Congeniality in 2000. 

After seeing the My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, I think that the first movie was better, but I would still recommend it. First of all, you can’t go by me because I don’t go to the movies but, from what I hear most of the movies today are crappy. Most of the people don’t even know the actors and actresses that they see on the screen today because they’re not seeing, John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, the stars that you would see over and over. Because when you would see them headlining a movie you would go, “Oh! This person is in the movie, and I gotta see it because I know that If I’m going to see Irene Dunn, I’m going to have an enjoyable movie.” 

The actors in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, were not award-worthy. The husband and wife were not good, I mean they were good, but they were not the stars. The real star of the movie, I was hoping would be the leading mom, Toula. However, I found the writing for her character very disappointing. They had taken her character which had gone through a complete transformation during the first movie and completely changed the emotional makeup of her in the second. She was constantly defensive, playing the fool so much so that the other characters were almost rubbing it in her face because she was still blind. And then ironically, her family also harassed her daughter too. I feel that taking that route in her character development was a waste and she could have had better jokes and one-liners which would have improved the movie 100 percent.

 Also, I think the character, Aunt Voula was funny because she brought a lot of comedic relief. This film presented itself a lot more emotional than the first one. The grandfather, Gus is a cute character that carried over well from the first film. He is very predictable and that makes him relatable to all ages mostly because of his taglines. It the same feeling you get when a TCM movie comes on and I see Judy Garland I know she’s going to sing, and dance, and she’s going to be in a good movie. I’ll enjoy the musical style. When my grandma was single and young, she loved Frank Sinatra. She would go to the Paramount in New York City and pay 50 cents to see him. Years ago, if you saw a movie you knew who they were, today you don’t even know who these people are.

My Grandmother has low vision so to her the writing has to be sharp and have delivery because the cinematography of every scene is irrelevant. Which the writers did a good job by serving a good weekend box office comedy hit. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 wasn’t like the movies of yesterday that I watch and enjoy. It’s is made to be the type of movie featuring contemporary culture and its characters just so happen could be your neighbors. I think that the film tried to appeal to an older audience. The best example, my movie date. I think the filmmakers wanted to capitalize on the loyalty of the audience who saw the first movie. But hey, this is still my opinion and if you want to go to see the movie, I recommend it. 

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