18th Century Martha’s Vineyard – A Lively Deaf Community

by Garnet Clarke – 12/01/2015 A remote island known as Martha’s Vineyard played host to a Deaf utopia for a brief time in the early 18th century. The island’s geographically isolated location played a key role in the containment and propagation of a Deaf community. Signed language was just emerging in the Americas in the […]

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Movie Review

During spring break 2016, I went to visit my Grandma who lives in New York City and surprised her by taking her out to the movies to see, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. Leading up to this visit I had heard a lot of reviews. Mostly from my Grandma’s best friend, Peggy who said […]

8 Must Try Restaurants in New York City

Planning to visit the “city that never sleeps”? Well, you’re in luck because just like your overprotective grandmother, this city will never let you go hungry.Here are 8 must try restaurants in New York City! Ben’s Kosher Delicatessen Restaurant209 W. 38th Street Manhattan, New York 10018 Max Brenner Chocolate Bar841 Broadway New York, NY 10003 […]

Old Town, San Diego: A Lively SoCal Weekend Activity

After moving to San Diego just over two years ago, I have discovered that one of my favorite weekend activities is taking a ride along Mission Bay from Pacific Beach to Old Town. The small town is considered to be the “birthplace” of California. Many of the standing structures date back to the mid-1800s. As […]

SoCal Starter Pack to Surviving Quarantine

Has sitting inside got you down? Is the sun calling your name when you wish it were your crush? Here are 7 must-haves in your SoCal starter pack to survive COVID-19. Contents MasksVisorsShoesSunscreenFanny PacksSunglassesWater Pack Masks Before you consider anything else on this list, spend some time gathering masks, scarves, bandanas of all kinds to […]

Traveling from San Diego to Baja, Mexico

Yay! You passed the border, now you’re on your grand adventure. Here are 12 towns to visit on your way from San Diego to Baja California, Mexico. Contents TijuanaRosaritoSan Antonio Del MarPopótlaLas RocasMar de CalafiaPuerto NuevoValle de Guadalupe EnsenadaPunta BandaLa BufadoraSanto Tomás, Baja California, Mexico Tijuana Get something to eat (your mom will be happy) and […]


Hey Folks! I’m so excited for sunhumankind. We are breaking out of our little shell and shaking our baby tail feathers! Stay posted, we’ll be ready to play soon!

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